Music Production

Ricardo Peña is a music producer known for his competent skills, professionalism, versatility and easy going nature. His musical training in both classical music and contemporary styles and his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist make Ricardo a very competent arranger and producer (Ricardo is a session singer and plays piano, Hammond organ, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, requinto, mandolin, ukelele, bass, drums,congas, bongos and hand percussion).
   Ricardo has produced over 30 cds and many other demos and singles in many different musical styles including Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Salsa,  Bolero, Gospel, Bluegrass, Country, Classical, Folk, Contemporary Christian and Children's music. He has worked with many different solo artists and bands.
 A partial list of the artists Ricardo has produced recordings for  follows: Jamila Iqbal, Aaron Rocha, Superseed, Darlene Arber, Anya Jane, Jenn Cleary, Raising Cain, Adam Cahn, The Music Train, The Fever, Rebecca Folsom, Roger Haston, Susanne Muller, Joan Hunstberry and many more.
  Ricardo is also a session musician who records vocals and all the instruments he plays for other producers and artists.

If you are a solo artist or a band wanting to make a professional studio recording, if you need a session player for your recording or if you are in need of horn and/or string arrangements or any kind of music charts contact  Ricardo here. Ricardo works with the best studios and best session musicians in Colorado and can offer you a variety of options to fit your budget. He offers all of these services to anyone outside Colorado or the USA via internet as well.

  Here are some of the CDs and recordings Ricardo has produced. These tracks showcase Ricardo's production style and quality and also feature him on back up vocals and many instruments.

Superseed - Backroads drive

Anya Jane - Lullabies

Anya Jane - Lose Myself In You

Darlene Arber - In The Moment

Anya Jane - Lose Myself In You